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Software Testing

Our Vision

  • To create a knowledge hub where anyone can learn the aspects of software testing and able
  • to find a career path in IT industry.
  • We understand the market needs and help you to grow according to the IT trends that lead to problem solving, mutual satisfaction and achievement of the set goals.


  • To develop a mechanism of imparting Software Testing education effectively so as to make the students ready deployable.
  • To promote software testing as a career option amongst students.
  • To create a real working environment that will help an individual to broaden his mind.
  • To address challenges of employability and provide the entry level platform in Software Testing.
  • To create knowledge platform for corporate experience individual looking for growth.

Scope of Software Testing

According to Standish Group Chaos Report, only 32% of software projects were successful, 44% were challenged (that is cost overruns, budget overruns or content deficiencies) and 24% got failed.

Few of the reasons are:

  • Inadequate Testing
  • Lack of Quality Assurance
  • Not Conforming to Industry Standards

The only solution to improve the same is Software Testing. 
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