8 Top Benefits of Receiving Selenium Training For Career Growth

Do you wish to kick start your career in IT? Want to explore manual testing? For you, Selenium is the right thing to get started.  Below are a few advantages of learning Selenium for building a successful career in this evolving field.

Free, Open Source Tool

Selenium is a popular open source tool which signifies that you may use it absolutely at free of cost. Any company may use Selenium to test website or even web application. Also, a budding programmer may learn as well as practice automating testing using Selenium WebDriver.

No need to buy special OS or other hardware

Neither you require system with 16 GD RAM or high HDD nor do you need to have LinuxOS or MacOS. The simple operating system you use at home is adequate for Selenium testing. Most importantly, you may test website on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any web browser.

Offers Diverse Programming Language Support

Most tools available in the market need you to become specialized in a specific computer programming language. Languages like Java, VBScript and C# are some of the popular scripting languages required by diverse software tools. However, with selenium, you will not at all face any kind of restrictions.

Availability of Frameworks

Since frameworks have similarity with the templates, you may make only minor alterations to the code according to your need. You do not have to make a drastic change in the entire coding structure.  Various frameworks include hybrid testing, keyword driven testing, module driven testing and so on.

 Integrates with Other Tools Easily

Since most tools used in DevOps or otherwise are open source, these tools are easily used by the programmer. And whenever these tools are easily integrated with Selenium, you can easily achieve automation.

Supports Parallel as well as Distributed Testing

Multiple test cases using Selenium may be implemented in parallel on the same machine or even on remote devices. Selenium Grid can be effectively used to execute test cases on the remote machines. By performing distributed and parallel testing, you can save time to run tests, carry on test in similar machines or even you may execute tests on the web servers.

No Need for Dependency on the GUI Based Systems

As Selenium tests are executed without GUI, these tests are also carried out on the web servers and also automation may be achieved by scheduling the execution thereby integrating it with other diverse tools. Without GUI even indicates that the machine’s performance can be improved drastically.

Ensures Utmost Flexibility While Designing the Test Cases

For designing the test cases in Selenium, you have flexibility to design it either through programming logic or by record as well as playback approach. If you do not have adequate technical knowledge to script the WebDriver code, then you may use IDE to record the tests as well as export programming logic to the similar programming language of your own choice.

Avail Best Selenium Training from WebTek Labs

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Top Benefits of Receiving Selenium Training For Career Growth

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