A career in Ethical hacking and Cybersecurity

Wondering if ethical hacking is the right career option?

While hacking is something illegal, ethical or white hat hacking is in demand worldwide to prevent cybercrime. If you are interested in this field, then you have made the right career choice!

Ethical hacking involves a high level of intellectual challenge. So, chances are rare that you will be bored with your job.  If you are a person who loves to research on complex matters, take challenges, solve problems, and have an intense passion for computer science, then you will enjoy the ethical hacking career to the fullest!

Role of Ethical hackers

The role of ethical hackers is to maintain cybersecurity by hacking websites and systems to retrieve useful information. Unlike hacking, ethical hacking is conducted with a positive motive in a legitimate and lawful manner. It has emerged to eliminate the vulnerabilities of a system and ease the life of people, business and organizations facing huge financial loss due to cyber-attacks.

Ethical hackers are business saviors! 

Internet marketing and aggressive use of smartphones has led to Big Data and hence hacking. Therefore, a career in ethical hacking is growing rapidly as more ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts are needed to secure personal and confidential data of various organizations. If you look at popular job portals like Naukri.com or Indeed.com, you will find huge job vacancies for ethical hackers in India.

What will you learn from the ethical hacking course?
  • Understand the psychology of hackers
  • Methodology and tactics used by hackers to penetrate computer systems
  • Different types of hacking, penetration testing concepts, and coding
  • Ethical hacking, website hacking, mobile, and wireless security
  • Information and application security laws and standards
  • Ways to fix the vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system
Ethical hacking skills pay you well

According to a survey by paysacle.com, a certified ethical hacker in India earns Rs 367,249 per year on an average. Become a better hacker and you will gain high earning power! Isn’t it cool to earn a handsome salary while hacking?

After years of experience, you can start independent freelancing or develop your own ethical hacking firm.  You will have a bright career and secured job ahead!

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WebTek Labs, the leading IT training institute in Kolkata and offers the job-focused ethical hacking course.   Industry-experts will help you master the skills of ethical hacking and prevent cyber attacks. Learn from highly qualified faculties, work on live projects and get certified as an ethical hacker!

career in Ethical hacking and Cybersecurity

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