Advanced PHP with Frameworks & CMS

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Course Objective:

After completion of this course, student will get an understanding of advanced web development with PHP and MySql using frameworks.

Course Content:

Introduction to Oops
  • Class
  • Objects
  • Declaring a class
  • The new keyword and constructor
  • Destructor
  • Access method and properties using $this variable
  • Public ,private, protected properties and methods
  • Static properties and method


Oop Programming Continued…
  • Class constant
  • Inheritance & code reusability
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract method and class
  • Interface
  • Final
Introduction to Codeigniter
  • Config Class, Database Config, Explanation of MVC Architecture
  • Loader Class, Libraries, Creating First Controller, Model &View
  • Passing Parameters in URLs
Using Forms
  • Input Class
  • Form Validation Class
  • File Uploading Class
  • Page Redirection
Database Handling
  • Database Configuration
  • Connecting to a Database
  • Running Queries
  • Generating Query Results
  • Query Helper Functions
  • Field Data
  • Selecting Data, Inserting Data, Updating Data, Deleting Data
Sample Codeigniter Application
  • Simple Shopping cart application
Introduction to Wordpress
  • WordPress Introduction
  • Basics of the WordPress User Interface
  • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
  • Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
  • Core WordPress Settings
Plugins in Wordpress
  • Finding and Using WordPress Plugins
  • Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
  • Upgrading WordPress Plugins
  • Recommended WordPress Plugins
Themes in Wordpress
  • Working with WordPress Themes
  • Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
  • Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
  • Installing and Configuring Themes
  • Editing and Customizing Themes
Wordpress Content Management
  • Understanding Posts Versus Pages
  • Organizing Posts with Categories
  • Connecting Posts Together with Tags
  • Creating pages
  • Adding menus
Introduction to Cakephp
  • Understanding the MVC Pattern Models
  • How MVC works?
  • Congfiguration CakePHP
  • Setting up CakePHP with apache Environment. Enable mod_rewrite
  • Configuration CakePHP to work with database
  • Running Cake for the first time
  • Cake Convention: Naming convention for MVC and database tables
  • Controller: Creating controller
  • Controller function
  • Interacting with model
  • Interacting with views
  • Controller variables and parameters
  • Redirection
  • Getting post data
Working with Views
  • Views: Creating Views
  • Working with configuration layout
  • Creating custom layout
  • Element and helpers
  • Models: Creating up model for a database table
  • Fetching data
  • Saving and updating data
  • Deleting data
  • User defined function in model
  • Data Validation
Cake Session
  • Storing data in cake session
  • Reading a session data
  • Delete data from session
Doubt session & Revision
Q & A

Key Features

  • Gain skills and competencies required in Industry by Experts.
  • Work on Real-time Projects depending upon the course you select.
  • Students work in a professional corporate environment.
  • Get a globally recognized Certificate form WebTek with our partner logos.
  • Global Brand recognition for Placements.
Advanced PHP Course


  • Course Duration: 4 – 6 Weeks
  • Regular Batches: Online / Offline
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