Android Using Java

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Course Objective:

On completion of the training, participants will be able to understand the creation of Android Apps and different Android Components and will also be able to create apps that can also be used in real life scenarios.

Course Content:

The Basics
  • Getting started
  • Android Operating System
  • Overview of Devices
  • The Android Development Environment
Basics of developing Android Application
  • Installing Android Studio
  • Installing SDK
  • Creating project in Android Studio
  • Understanding Android Studio Project structure
  • Building & Running
  • Using the Android Virtual Device/real device
Android user interface components
  • Layouts
  • Linear Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Widgets, text, date and images
  • TextView
  • Button
  • RadioButton
  • EditText
  • Checkbox
  • Spinner
  • ProgressBar
  • SeekBar
  • RatingBar
  • Switch
  • ToggleButton
  • DatePicker
  • ImageView
  • ImageButton
  • What is Activity and how it works
  • Activity lifecycle
  • Creating Activities
  • Switching Between Activities with and without values
  • Handling click event
  • Introduction to R class
  • Creating object of widgets
  • Fetching user input values from widgets
Filling an adapter view with data
  • Creating a simple List
  • Creating a custom list or spinner using ArrayAdapter
Android data Storage (SQLite Database)
  • Introduction to SQLite Database
  • Creating Database
  • Creating table
  • Inserting Value in table
  • Fetching value from table
  • Updating any value in table
  • Delete from table
Popup Dialog and Notifications
  • Creating User Notifications
  • Creating Dialog
  • Creating Popup
LTelephony & Broadcast Receiver
  • Calling from an app
  • Sending SMS Messages from an app
  • Using AlarmManager
  • Register for system or application events using BroadcastReceiver
Location and Map
  • Introduction to Location and Map
  • Using fragment to load the map
  • Using Google Play Service
  • Creating API Key
  • Using GPS to get current location
Debugging and DDMS
  • Debugging in Android
  • Using Dalvik Debug Monitoring Server (DDMS)
  • Using LogCat View
  • Using File explorer
Doubt session & Revision
Q & A

Key Features

  • Gain skills and competencies required in Industry by Experts.
  • Work on Real-time Projects depending upon the course you select.
  • Students work in a professional corporate environment.
  • Get a globally recognized Certificate form WebTek with our partner logos.
  • Global Brand recognition for Placements.
Android Using Java Kolkata


  • Course Duration: 4 – 6 Weeks
  • Regular Batches: Online / Offline

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