Avail Full Stack Web Development Course using Java J2EE to be No. 1 on Hire List

What is the Role of a full stack web developer?

A full stack Java Web developer is the one skilled in both back-end and front end development of websites and apps.  Front-end development involves dealing with HTML, CSS and browser side technologies. The backend development includes the use of strong Java skills, use of databases like SQL, web services like SOAP and messaging like JMS.

Why should you learn Full stack Web Development?

A full stack Java Web developer must master diverse technologies involved with web development for seamless creation of the product. There is a great demand in IT industry for full stack Java Web developers because the experts are skilled if not one but multiple technologies!  As per Indeed.com review, the average salary in India for full stack developer is 6.25 lakhs per annum. Experienced and those in higher echelon of the company earn even more. Therefore, full stack web development is considered to be a very rewarding career! If you are aspiring to build career as a web developer, then start with full stack Web Development course using Java J2EE.

Learn Full stack Web Development using Java J2EE from WebTek Labs

WebTek Labs in Kolkata, an Oracle Workforce Development partner, is offering “Full stack Web Development course using Java J2EE (Hibernate and Spring Frameworks)” and the curriculum is designed as per the industry requirements in India. If you look at the job portal Naukri.com, the key skills in demand for “Full stack developers” are-

  • Java/J2EE
  • JavaScript
  • Java templating technologies like
  • Spring framework
  • Spring Data JPA/Hibernate

At WebTek Labs, you will gain all the above-mentioned skills as well as gain 100% placement assistance as they have tie-ups with best companies in India. The industry expert will train you in Java/J2EE, Spring Framework and its integration with Hibernate and other web developer technologies.  To enroll in this course, you do not require any prior knowledge of Java programming. Their full stack Web Development course is the best one and is available in both Kolkata and Delhi. By working on real-time projects, you will learn everything from design to actual deployment.

Learn from the best and be the employer’s favorite!

Full Stack Web Development Course using Java J2EE

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