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Course Objective:

Embedded:  On completion of the training, participants will be able to control hardware (LED,LCD, Motors, AC appliances..etc) wired or wireless. They Will be able to design different types of Robot.

IOT:  After completion of IOT classes the students will be able to control and monitoring the things via internet.

Course Content:


  • Introduction to basic electronic components.
  • Concept about power supply designing.
  • Introduction to Embedded system & Robotics.
  • Introduction to micro-controllers.
  • Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.
  • Architecture of micro-controller.
  • Brief description about ATmega16 Micro-controller.
  • Concept about Embedded-C language.
  • Explanation of different types of loops & method of programming.
  • Difference between C & Embedded C language and their similarities.
  • Glowing of LED in different pattern using different programming method.
  • Developing code to make sand pattern on LED.
LED Matrix
  • Introduction to LED Matrix.
  • Displaying characters & numbers on LED Matrix.
  • Introduction to 16x2 LCD.
  • Explanation about the memory location of LCD.
  • Developing code to display text on LCD.
  • Scrolling text on LCD.
  • Digital clock on 16x2 LCD.
  • Introduction to AC & DC motor.
  • Introduction to Stepper & Servo motor.
  • Theory of Motor Driver (L293D) IC.
  • Way to interfacing of L293D IC with micro-controller.
  • Controlling Direction of motors through micro-controller.
  • Autonomous robot.
  • Introduction to Analog & Digital IR sensor.
  • Circuit explanation of IR sensor.
  • Introduction to LM358.
  • Controlling direction of motors through IR sensor.
  • Developing object avoider robot using IR sensor.
  • Developing line follower robot using IR sensor.
  • Introduction to linear switch.
  • Introduction to the concept of Pull-up & Pull-down technique.
  • Controlling the o/p devices through switch.
  • Theory of 4x4 keypad and its code development.
  • Displaying text on LCD through keypad.
  • Concept of calculator & it’s code development.
  • Introduction of Timer & Counter and its applications.
  • Introduction to the registers of Timer & Counter.
  • Operating o/p devices (led, motor) in a particular time interval.
  • Generating different frequency through speaker.
  • Theory of PWM.
  • Controlling speed of motor.
  • Controlling brightness of LED.
  • Developing code for Digital Piano.
  • Introduction to Relay & its applications.
  • Controlling home appliances (Bulb/Fan) through micro-controller (wired & wireless).
  • Introduction to USART/UART protocol & it’s applications.
  • Introduction to the registers of UART and its implementation.
  • Writing text on LCD using PC/Lap-top.
  • Controlling direction of robot using PC/Lap-top.
  • Developing code for PC Based Home Automation System.

Internet of Things

  • Theory of ADC and the explanation of its registers.
  • Developing code to calibrate analog values and display the digital values on LCD.
  • Developing code to calibrate temperature sensor values and display on LCD.
  • Developing code for High Temperature Alert System.
  • Introduction to GSM.
  • Introduction to SIM900A/SIM800C GSM module.
  • Interfacing GSM module with PC/Lap-Top using required h/w devices and communication protocol.
  • Configure AT commands for basic GSM functions & it’s h/w interfacing.
  • Developing code to call/MSG manually through computer & it’s h/w interfacing.
  • Developing code to call/MSG automatically through micro-controller & it’s h/w interfacing.
  • Developing code to update temperature value on cell phone through message & it’s h/w interfacing.
  • Introduction to Buzzer.
  • Developing code to make high temperature alert system & it’s h/w interfacing.
  • Introduction to GPRS & TCP-IP protocol.
  • Method of accessing of internet and stablish connection with server
  • Introduction to Thingspeak server.
  • Introduction about the concept of server and data storage system and it’s h/w interfacing
  • Developing code to send messages on server through computer using internet & it’s h/w interfacing.
  • Developing code to update real time temperature value on server automatically in a particular time duration using internet & it’s h/w interfacing.
  • Developing code to generate high temperature alert system and its protection.
  • Developing code to get notification on the server about the temperature value of house.

Key Features

  • Gain skills and competencies required in Industry by Experts.
  • Work on Real-time Projects depending upon the course you select.
  • Students work in a professional corporate environment.
  • Get a globally recognized Certificate form WebTek with our partner logos.
  • Global Brand recognition for Placements.
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  • Course Duration: 4 – 6 Weeks
  • Regular Batches: Online / Offline/ Weekend
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