Full- Stack Programming Language

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Course Objective:

Full- Stack:  On completion of the training, participants will be able to successfully program in Full- Stack  programming language . They Will be able to design different types of Projects.

Course Content:

Full-Stack Development

Overview of Web- Designing

  • Basic Structure of HTMLDocument Overview
  • The Structure Tags
  • Getting Started With HTML
  • Writing the Code
  • Head Section
  • Meta Tags
  • External Link Tags
  • HTML Tags
  • HEAD Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Body Tags
  • Displaying a web page in a web Browser

HTML Elements

  • Block level elements
  • Inline elements
  • Empty elements


  • How to create table adding Border to a Table
  • Apply Formatting Features to Table Merge row and columns


  • Introduction to HTML5
  • What's new in HTML5?


  • What is SVG?
  • SVG Advantages
  • SVG in HTML
  • SVG Shapes
  • SVG Text
  • SVG Stroke properties

Introduction to style Sheets

  • How style sheets work
  • Style Sheet Structure

CSS Selectors

  • Universal Selector
  • Type Selector
  • Class Selector
  • ID Selector
  • Child Selector
  • Descendant Selector
  • Attribute Selector
  • Adjacent Sibling Selector
  • General Sibling Selector
  • Query Selector

CSS Box Model

  • CSS Border
  • CSS Outline
  • CSS Margin
  • CSS Padding


  • Transition, transition-delay,
  • transition-duration, transition-property

2D Transforms

  • Transform, matrix(), translate(x,y)
  • scale(x,y), rotate(angle), skew(x-angle,y-angle)

3D Transforms

  • transform, transform-style,
  • perspective transform-origin


  • @keyframes-animation, animation-direction
  • animation-duration, animation-name


  • Linear Gradients
  • Radial Gradients
  • Templates Practices using HTML & CSS

Introduction to JavaScript

  • Syntax
  • Statements
  • Comments

Popup Boxes

  • Alert
  • Confirm
  • Prompt


  • Introduction
  • Mouse Events
  • Keyboard Events
  • Form Events
  • Document/Window Events

Javascript validation

  • Form Validations
  • Basics of Form Validation
  • Validating Radio Buttons
  • Validating Checkboxes
  • Validating Select Menus
  • Validating Textareas


  • Overview of JQuery features
  • Using JQuery links
  • JQuery Selectors
  • JQuery Events
  • JQuery Effects
  • JQuery Traversing


  • Why We Use Bootstrap
  • IMPORTANCE Of Bootstrap,
  • How its Works Classes Of Bootstrap
  • Templates Designs/Practice of Responsive Website
Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to basic programming language.
  • Concept about Python features.
  • Why Python is considered as Demanding Language in Market.
List,tuples,sets,dictionaries in python
  • Introduction to list, sets, tuples, dictionary.
  • Indexing of list and other containers.
  • Slicing of list and other containers.
  • Operations on List, Tuples, Sets, Dictionary.
Control flows
  • Introduction to control flows
  • if-else, nested if , for loop ,switch statements, break and more
  • Inbuilt Functions.
  • Advanced Functions and user defined Functions.
NumPy module
  • Introduction to NumPy.
  • Implementation of NumPy module.
Pandas library
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Implementation of Pandas module.
Matplotlib library
  • Introduction to Matplotlib.
  • Implementation of Matplotlib module.
Object oriented concepts
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts
  • Implementation of Object Oriented Concepts.
Gui using python
  • Introduction to Tkinter.
  • GUI Application using Tkinter.
Webscraping using python
  • Introduction to Web Scraping.
  • Implementation using Beautiful Soup ()
Django implementation
  • Implementing the Django Framework.
  • A major Project Web Development using Python and Django.

Key Features

  • Gain skills and competencies required in Industry by Experts.
  • Work on Real-time Projects depending upon the course you select.
  • Students work in a professional corporate environment.
  • Get a globally recognized Certificate form WebTek with our partner logos.
  • Global Brand recognition for Placements.


  • 45- 50 hrs
  • Regular Batches: 1st Yr / 2nd Yr / 3rd Yr / 4th Yr B.Tech. / Diploma students
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