How can data science and machine learning training accelerate your career?

What exactly is data science?

Data science is all about handling the big data, where the data scientist is responsible for preparing and analyzing the data using the knowledge of machine learning.  For this job, a data scientist must have an in-depth understanding of the SQL database coding and multiple analytical functions. Besides, a data scientist must also be pro in SAS, R and Python programming languages.

Are you wondering if data analyst and data scientist have somewhat similar roles?  Well, a data analyst is responsible only for visualizing and communicating the data points using simple statistics.  A data analyst must also be skillful in Python and R programming but does not require the knowledge of machine learning.

Are you confused? Well, both fields are overlapping.  In short, a data scientist deals with analytical functions whereas a data analyst deals with mathematical statistics and does not handle the analytical aspects of the big data.

What exactly is machine learning?

Machine learning is the practice of using algorithms to understand specific data and predict future trends. Machine learning experts are responsible for developing predictive models for data and must have knowledge of the data modeling, statistics and probability in addition to fundamentals of computer and programming skills.

Is data science and machine learning interrelated?

Just like data analytics and data science overlap with each other, machine learning also overlaps with the data science.  Data science is an umbrella term and machine learning is just a part of it but not vice versa.

Unlike machine learning, data science does not solely focus on statistics and algorithms rather encompasses multiple disciplines such as data mining, visualizations, pattern recognition, etc., to handle the entire data processing methodology.

Huge popularity of data science and machine learning training

The jobs for machine learning and data science are on the rise and are evident from the popular job portals. Many small and mid-level enterprises are not fully aware of machine learning technologies. They are in need of data science machine learning experts to grab opportunities and drive high business profit.

According to IT experts, this demand will not go away for the next two decades! Businesses are ready to pay high salary packages for skilled experts to handle big data.

According to, a data scientist in India withdraws average salary of Rs. 620,244 per year while a machine-learning expert earns Rs 839,882 per annum. Isn’t it lucrative?

So, if you are planning to build our career in data science machine learning, then enroll in summer training and move forward towards a stable career.

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How can data science and machine learning training accelerate your career?

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