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Course content


  • S.I. & C.I Engine:
  • Fuel Feed System:
  • Cooling System:
  • Lubrication System:


  • Starting system
  • Gauges & switches
  • Air conditioning system
  • Accessories


  • Transmission layout
  • Clutch system
  • Gear box
  • Propeller Shaft


  • Final Drive & Differential
  • Steering system
  • Brake system
  • Suspension system
  • Final Drive & Differential


  • Battery
  • Electricity generation
  • Ignition system, Electronic control unit & sensor
  • Pollution control standard. Emission Control System For Petrol & Diesel Engine
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Why Learn The Couse

  • This industrial training is going to be the gateway to your engineering career.

  • You are going to have an exposure to Hardware engineering or Machine practices.

  • You will be familiarized with manufacturing, servicing, electronics and analysis, products, automation, etc.

  • You will get enough opportunity to develop industrial skills such as Leadership, Teamwork, Conceptual skill, or Time Management.

  • The certificates you receive at the end of the training program will help you enhance your CV and find proper placement.

Student Reviews

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Abhijit Das

Doing the Mechanical Engineering course at WebTek Labs was one of the best decisions I could have taken in my career. Not only they had the most qualified and experienced trainers for hands-on training, but also provided me with the flexibility of classes. Working with a class full of bright students also accelerated my learning process and drove me to indulge in further research and development. I will definitely suggest others to be a part of the Mechanical Engineering course at WebTek Labs and experience the difference.

Manoj Dey

My experience at WebTek Labs has been one of the most memorable ones. Whether it is the first-hand research with tools and guides or thorough theoretical analysis, it has proved to be invaluable for my career. I am glad I chose WebTek Labs as they gave me an opportunity to avail internship in a couple of top companies in the industry as well. Don’t look beyond, if you come across any Mechanical Engineering course organised by WebTek Labs.

Kasar Singh

At the Mechanical Engineering course organised by WebTek Labs, I had to push myself to learn new things and apply innovative techniques to complete my project. Not only they have their classes on weekdays, but also provide hands-on training from the site supervisors. I am glad that I joined WebTek Labs because they offered me with the exposure to Hardware engineering and gave the necessary edge in my career. Also, the certificates they provided enhanced my CV and helped me get placed.

Sneha Gupta

Having spread the entire course in five different sections, I feel WebTek Labs have the most planned and organised course. I was suggested by one of my friends who have also attended this course earlier, and I do find the difference by now. What I have earned the most during this course is the opportunity to have internships with reputed brand names helping me to develop industrial skills like leadership, teamwork, conceptual skills, and many more. If you want to look over the horizon like me, I would suggest WebTek Labs to you.

Ritu Malhotra

5. I heard about WebTek Labs from some of my friends who are already placed in some of the reputed names in the industry. And my experience with them has been equally pleasing. They not only covered the basic concept but also emphasised on the practical application and learning. The entire training concluded with a live project which gave me the first-hand experience and exposure according to the industry standards. Nothing could have been better for my career.

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