Must-Know Reasons behind Huge Popularity of Machine Learning Training

Machine Learning, the core area of artificial intelligence, has created a buzz in today’s world since it enables a computer to get into self-learning mode without explicit programming. Be it a startup or a top-notch company, the importance of machine learning is felt by all. Right from product recommendation at the retail shop to identifying fraud at the leading companies, rampant use of this technology is undeniable. And if you wish to embark on a lucrative career domain then undoubtedly, Machine learning training is the best option for you. Here are a few reasons why people are now inclined to get enrolled in the Machine Learning course:

Jobs for Machine Learning are on the rise!

Have you gone through the data collected from popular job portals of our country? As per, one of the leading job portals of India, the total number of machine learning jobs has increased from six job postings per million to as high as 100+ within the time span of only two years from 2014 to 2016. Well, it clearly indicates an increasing number of people searching for jobs in Machine learning across the country. With a large number of companies hiring such experts clearly increase the demand for job opportunities in this particular field.

Link to Data Science

Those who are proficient in Machine learning have the scope to apply for jobs both for Machine Learning engineers and also for the jobs of data scientists, In other words, by gaining competence in both these fields you can become the best candidate to the top employers of our country. It means that you may evaluate tons of vital data, extract value as well as gain deep insight from it and many more. In many companies an engineer specialized in Machine Learning often works in collaboration with the data scientist for effective synchronization and best results. What else? Hone your Machine Learning skills to analyze loads of data and become desirable for a lucrative employer.

Earn a pretty good salary

Do you know that the average salary of an engineer proficient in Machine Learning earns as high as approximately INR 874,691? With enhanced skills as well as experience it is inevitable that the salary will rise up automatically. Become a Machine learning expert and draw in a good salary and live life to the fullest. Isn’t it enough inspiring for you to learn this evolving subject?

Go to WebTek Labs and Get Best Training in Machine Learning

Although there are a plethora of institutes available in Kolkata and Delhi imparting machine learning training, the most prominent one is certainly WebTek Labs. Why? Here we go. Trusted Institute:

As an authorized Oracle Workforce Development partner, WebTek Labs has made its mark to provide job-centric training to lakhs of students from IT background. That they provide the best training in Machine Learning is also a proven fact.

Live assignments:

Besides conventional classroom training, WebTek Labs allows the students to work on live projects and gain an edge in the resume. Updated curriculum with the most affordable fee: At WebTek Labs, the course curriculum is designed as per the current trends of the industry and the fees also are affordable so that anyone can pursue the course without any hassle.

Batch Flexibility:

Do you wish to pursue this course without hampering your responsibilities at work or other personal commitments? Don’t worry. At WebTek Labs, you can get classes even in evenings and on weekends Globally recognized certificate: After the completion of this training course, you can receive the globally recognized certificate from WebTek along with partner logos. Assured Placement Assistance: WebTek Labs comes up 100% placement assistance for you. Many students of this institute are now placed in the top notch companies of the world. Get enrolled in WebTek Labs for Machine Learning training and skyrocket your career in IT field.

Why Machine Learning Training got Huge Popularity

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