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Course Objective:

After completion of PHP course, the candidate learn web development with PHP and MySql with development of projects like E-commerce application, pharmaceutical websites, food ordering websites, learning management system, inventory management, etc. Following career opportunities after learning in this course are:

  • PHP developer
  • Software developer
  • Freelancing

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Course Content:

Html Fundamentals
  • HTTP Requests and Responses
  • Static vs. Dynamic Pages
  • Tag and Attribute Fundamentals
  • Document Structure
  • Adding Headings
  • Adding Paragraphs
  • Adding images
  • Defining Hyperlinks
  • Using Character Entities
Using HTML Lists,Tables& Forms
  • Creating Lists in HTML-Ordered, Unordered , Definition List
  • Adding Tables to a Page
  • Creating Complex  Tables
  • Adding styles to tables
  • Defining a Form
  • Common Form Attributes
  • Understanding Form Submission
  • Single-line and Multi-line Text Fields
  • Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
  • Dropdown and Selection Lists
  • Submit, Reset Button
Introduction to HTML5
  • New input types in HTML5
  • Using audio/video in web page
  • Additional tags in HTML5
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Overview of Cascading Style Sheets
  • Defining Inline Styles
  • Internal Styles
  • Creating CSS Rules
  • Setting CSS Properties
  • Defining Type Selectors
  • Defining Class and ID Selectors
  • Grouping and Combining Selectors
  • Linking to External Style Sheets
  • Text-Related Properties
  • Font-Related Properties
  • Background-Related Properties
Cascading Style Sheetscontd…
  • Creating page layouts using CSS
  • Using CSS templates
Javascript Fundamentals
  • Adding Comments
  • Local vs. Global Variables
  • Using JavaScript Primitive Types
  • Performing Data Conversions
  • Interacting with the User
  • Working with JavaScript Operators
  • Conditional Constructs
  • Looping Constructs
  • Branching Statements
  • Equality and Identity Operators
  • Logical and Comparison Operators
Functions & Event Handling
  • Declaring Functions
  • Invoking Functions
  • Passing Arguments
  • Returning Values from a Function
  • Overview of JavaScript Events
  • Adding Event Handlers
  • Mouse and Keyboard Events
  • Accessing Forms from JavaScript
  • Working with Form Elements
  • Validating Form Fields
  • What is jQuery?
  • Overview of jQuery features
  • Using jQuery links
  • jQuery Selectors
  • jQuery Events
  • jQuery Effects
  • hide() & show()
  • fade()
  • slide()
  • animate()
  • get() & set()
  • add() & remove()
  • css()
  • dimensions()
  • parent() & children()
  • next() &prev()
  • find()
Introduction to PHP
  • The architecture of a web application
  • How to edit and test a PHP application
  • Basic PHP –Variables ,Operators
  • How to code control statements
Using Arrays & Functions
  • Using array and functions in PHP
  • How to use the PHP documentation
Introduction to Relational Databases using Mysql
  • An introduction to relational databases
  • The SQL statements for data manipulation
  • An introduction to MySQL
  • How to use phpMyAdmin
Using PHP with Mysql Database
  • PHP for working with MySQL
  • How to get data from a result set
  • Adding records
  • Updating records
  • Deleting records
  • Searching records
Session Handling & Cookies In PHP
  • Storing data in session variables
  • Reading from session variables
  • Destroying sessions
  • Setting and retrieving cookie values
  • Destroying cookies
File Handling in PHP
  • Reading and writing files
  • File Upload in PHP
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    Key Features

    • Gain skills and competencies required in Industry by Experts.
    • Work on Real-time Projects depending upon the course you select.
    • Students work in a professional corporate environment.
    • Get a globally recognized Certificate form WebTek with our partner logos.
    • Global Brand recognition for Placements.


    • Course Duration: 4 – 6 Weeks
    • Regular Batches: Online / Offline
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