C/C++ Programming Language

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Course Objective:

C/C++:  On completion of the training, participants will be able to successfully program in C/C++ programming language.

Course Content:


Introduction to Programming Languages
  • Introduction to basic programming language.
  • Concept about C/C++ features.
  • Why C/C++ is considered as Base of all Language in Market.
Lesson: 2
  • Structure of a Program, Variables, Constants, Data Types
  • Introduction to Program Structure and Libraries.
  • Introduction to Variables and Constants.
  • Data Types of Variables.
  • Declaring and initializing of variables.
Control flows
  • Introduction to control flows
  • if-else, nested if , for loop ,switch statements, break and more
  • Inbuilt Functions.
  • Advanced Functions and User Defined Functions.
  • Recursion Functions.
Arrays/vectors in C/C++
  • Introduction to arrays.
  • Declaring an arrays , initializing the arrays, indexing.
  • Operations of arrays
Strings in C/C++
  • Introduction to Strings
  • Operations performed on Strings.
  • Strings Implementation.
Statements and operators
  • Introduction to Operators
  • Implementation of All types of Operators in C/C++.
Object oriented concepts
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts
  • Implementation of Object Oriented Concepts.
Pointers and references
  • What is a Pointer.
  • Declaring and Accessing the Pointer
  • Relation arrays and Pointers
  • Derefrencing the Pointers.
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation.
Operator overloading
  • Section Overview
  • What is Operator Overloading?
  • Overloading the Assignment Operator (copy)
  • Overloading the Assignment Operator (move)
  • Overloading Operators as Member Functions
Exceptional handling
  • Basic Concepts and a Simple Example: Dividing by Zero
  • Throwing an Exception from a Function
  • Handling Multiple Exceptions
  • Stack Unwinding and How it Works
  • Creating User-Defined Exception Classes
  • Class Level Exceptions
  • The C++ std::exception Class Hierarchy
I/o and streams
  • Files, Streams and I/O
  • Stream Manipulators
  • Stream Manipulators - boolean
  • Stream Manipulators - integers
  • Stream Manipulators - floating point
  • Stream Manipulators - align and fill
Standard template library(stl)
  • What is the STL?
  • Generic Programming with Macros
  • Generic Programming with Function Templates
  • Generic Programming with Class Templates
  • Creating a Generic Array Template Class
  • Introduction to STL Containers

Key Features

  • Gain skills and competencies required in Industry by Experts.
  • Work on Real-time Projects depending upon the course you select.
  • Students work in a professional corporate environment.
  • Get a globally recognized Certificate form WebTek with our partner logos.
  • Global Brand recognition for Placements.
C programming language


  • 35 – 40 Hrs.
  • Regular Batches: 1st Yr / 2nd Yr / 3rd Yr / 4th Yr B.Tech. / Diploma students
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