Top 5 Skills to Boost Your Dot Net Developer Career

ASP.NET knowledge does not guarantee a high paying job but .NET skills and hands-on experience do. No successful person has ever reached the highest position of the ladder with just theoretical knowledge. When it comes to opportunities in the IT field, the sky is not just the limit. There is more to it! All you need is to upgrade yourself with the latest skills and techniques.

With new tools emerging in the Microsoft .NET environment, there is a growing demand for .NET developers because now companies have more scope to work with new tools.

Read on to know important skills that you must master to excel in .NET career-

1. ASP.NET Framework

ASP.NET Framework has an edge over all the frameworks. If you master this framework you can create robust and beautiful web applications very fast. ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) knowledge is must to learn because it is used in the client-side web technologies. Hone .NET MVC skills to make your resume powerful!

2. Database application

Are you a pro in SQL or MySQL database? If you are a developer and cannot manage the database, then you cannot land into your dream job. Data forms the most important aspect of app development and your recruiter would love this skill in your portfolio. If you want a quick hike in your salary, then you must go the extra mile learning Oracle and different NSQL databases.

3. CSS, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and Bootstrap

All these five are client-side web development technologies and you must excel them to be able to develop interactive, fast, and appealing web apps. Experts skilled in these technologies are high in demand. Adding these skills to your CV will give a competitive edge over others. Not just theoretical but you must be confident and proficient in ASP.NET using C#.

4. Microsoft MVP

Do you want to be an employer’s favorite? Then waste no time! Grab a certification in Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional). The certificate will demonstrate your deep knowledge, skills, proficiency to enhance the project scalability. Microsoft being the most sought after skill in the market, you can add wings to your career with such certifications quickly move to a hierarchical level in your field.

5. Hands-on experience

Have you worked on real-life projects besides doing practical? Well, the more projects you have handled, the more proficient you will be in programming on Microsoft’s platform. The experience will help you overcome challenges while working with the dot net framework.

The Takeaway

ASP.NET environment is expanding with new tools and technologies. Only skilled .NET developers are most in-demand in the industry. If you keep learning endlessly, you will soar high as a .NET developer. If you are planning to learn ASP.NET from scratch, then join the best Dot Net Training Institute in Kolkata.

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