Why Android Kotlin course is worth learning in 2019?

Do you know Kotlin is the second official language of Android app development? After Google I/O 2017 announcement, the demand for Kotlin is growing by leaps and bounds.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source language for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that offers effective coding experience to developers with less coding and improved syntax.

Java is an undeniably official programming language for Android development, so do not think Kotlin has engulfed it.


Developers are highly excited about using Kotlin, according to the RebelLabs’s Survey. Considering the high satisfaction rate this programming language is all set to take over Java.

What is the reason for high Kotlin satisfaction stats?

According to Android mobile app development experts, Kotlin overcomes the drawbacks of Java and improves the existing Java models. Kotlin offers stable development option to Android studio. Less coding means Kotlin is easy to test and maintain.

Although Java is a reputable programming language it has flaws too. Kotlin tends to solve much of the developers’ problems by solving Java complications. The language is poised to boost the productivity of app developers.

  • Kotlin modules can work flawlessly in existing Java code
  • Kotlin comes with the safer and smarter compiler
  • No raw types in Kotlin. More type-safe code.
  • No checked exceptions in Kotlin
  • Kotlin solves NullPointerException issue with inbuilt null safety
  • Kotlin is more concise than Java

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, Kotlin ensures faster completion of the project and fewer app crashes. Hence, switching to Kotlin seems to have incredible business benefits, which explains why industry players like Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, are planning to adopt cross-platform Kotlin development.

Bright career scope for developers

Aspiring engineers can take their skills to the next level by learning Kotlin. This is the most in-demand skill in the current IT market and is here to stay. More developers are enthusiastic to develop Kotlin based android apps. This trend led to an increase in demand for Android Kotlin course.

If you have mastered Java, then Kotlin is not a big deal.

So, what are you waiting for?

Advance your career with Kotlin skills, a door to lucrative job opportunities and high salary package.

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Upon course completion, you will be able to develop Android application. Work on live projects and get job-ready with a globally recognized certificate!

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