Why People are Crazy about the Internet of Things Certification?

Today we are living in a digital world, where people are dependent on smart devices. This trend has given birth to Internet of Things or IoT. IoT is the network of home appliances, vehicles and devices containing sensors and software that connect with each other using the internet. IoT thus allows smooth exchange of information or data. Hence, there is a growing demand for Internet of Things certification among students and working professionals. What are the benefits of IoT training?

1. Lucrative career opportunities

IoT is an extensive field encompassing electronics, IT, science, healthcare and other domains. It is generating huge data, which demands data analyzing experts, data scientists and softer engineers. With the growth in industry and big data, there will be new job opportunities in the market. If you are skilled in IoT then you will be highly desirable for an employer. It is estimated that by 2020, IT industry will experience 50% growth in jobs.

2. Tremendous benefits to organization

Adopting IoT helps organizations save time by offering pre-built analytics engines. At the same time, cloud, computing and artificial intelligence are adding more value to the business by allowing quick monitoring of user behavior. With every company looking forward to digital transformation, it has become vital for people to learn and understand IoT.

3. Keep up with the industry trend

Android and iOS app developers are focusing more on IoT. IT firms are taking more projects related to IoT but there is severe shortage of skills to handle such projects. Experts with IoT certification are better able to deal with human-machine interfaces, microcontroller architectures, and other aspects. To stay tuned with such industry demand you must learn IoT and get yourself stable job and career!

Best institute for Internet of Things Certification

There are very few IT training institutes in India offering IoT courses in comprehensive manner and amongst them, WebTek Labs has gained prominence. This Oracle Workforce Development Partner has designed the IoT Course that covers all the basics of hardware, coding, networking, and designing different types of Robot. By the end of course, the students will know the corporate standard of working with IoT and earn a globally recognized certificate for placements. Join the summer training program at WebTek Labs and set yourself apart!

Why People are Crazy about the Internet of Things Certification?

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