Why Python Frameworks are popular for web development?

Building web applications from scratch is a time taking the job and a massive headache.  But not when you use frameworks!

There is a great advantage of using a framework for web development because they save your time, effort and money.

A lot of web developers who are beginners commonly ask, “Can I use Python for web development?”

Well, Python is the great choice for web development for its powerful web framework catalog and meets all the latest web development needs.

That’s not all.

Python is easy to learn and use, simple to handle, flexible and allows building prototypes and complex ideas in quick time. Its frameworks are useful to create reliable and efficient web applications.

So, Python is the best programming language to learn web development.

The most popular Python web frameworks are Django and Flask, where the former involves less code and is a great option for building mid-high ranged web applicants. Unlike Django, the flask is best suited for small-scale applications.

Read on to know a few things before starting with Python frameworks:

Learn Python from ground up

It is best to learn Python from scratch and gain knowledge of HTML and Js before starting with frameworks. Without knowing the fundamentals or core modules of Python it is difficult to handle modern web development.

Have basic architectural knowledge

Start creating simple applications to apply your knowledge and learn how architectures like MVC or Flask work. Not-so-heavy projects are good for beginners to grasp concepts of frameworks like Django and how it helps to handle HTTP requests.

Learn to debug and integrate third-party modules

Not just different frameworks but one must also learn to use debugging capabilities and code optimization tips. Try to make most of the external libraries of a web framework to speed up your development project.  This requires you to familiarize yourself with core features and internal tools of Python.

Wrap up

Python web framework is popular and is a favorite language of many experienced developers. Large companies trust this language for their powerful frameworks and abilities to build an efficient and scalable system. This led to rising demand for python web development course for the bright career scope in this field is undeniable.

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